We help SCIATICA sufferers, like YOU, who feel like

HOSTAGES in their own bodies, find HOPE and RELIEF

with a common sense approach & simple

exercises that you can do at home!


Facebook Group:

Interact with people from all over the world, from all walks of life dealing with Sciatica just like you. Great place to start to learn YOU are not alone!

Free Webinars:

We offer free online webinars, talking about the 3 most common causes of back pain and sciatica, along with the biggest mistakes people make when treating their issues. Then, we talk about successful treatment and what it takes to get real relief.

Most Popular Service

Video Consultations

A GREAT place to start. We get to hear YOUR story, what YOU have done, what has and has not worked for YOU and YOUR biggest concerns. We explain our approach and show YOU a couple things that will afford relief. 100% risk free. 

Premium Services

Sciatica Relief Now -- Book: (Bronze Level)

Released in November 2018, our book has helped many people get started

on their Road to Recovery. Teaching our principles in a simple to understand

and easy to read format, along with the initial exercises to get you quick relief.

This book is changing lives around the world! Order here and you will also recieve

Top 21 Free Anti-Inflammatory Food Recipes! 

Silver Course: (Silver Level)

Our oldest online course, Kicking Sciatica OUT of the BUTT has energized and

helped many people overcome the agony of Sciatica, as well as Piriformis

Syndrome. An easy to follow step by step guide, 95% video content, walks you

through an entire program to balance out your body and alleviate your symptoms.

Originally a 21 week program, now all released at one time with 21 lessons. This course is our Flagship program for the DIY'ers who want to do everything on their

own. (Includes access to a private Silver Level FB Group)

8 Weeks to Sciatica Relief Course: (Gold Level)

An 8 week intensive course, which is our 5 month course compacted into 8 fast

paced, intense weeks requiring total focus and dedication to your exercises and healing. New information released 1x/week, with weekly 1 hour group calls with

Dean, this program is proving to show amazing results for even the most stubborn cases. You must apply for this program, with classes starting 1x/month. Not

everyone qualifies, as this is for those who are serious about resolving their issues, have more than a constant 5/10 pain and whose dedication to their health matches

or exceeds my dedication to your health. (Includes exclusive Gold Level FB Group) 

1:1 Consultation Package+: (Platinum Level)

Our top service for those VERY serious about taking their lives back. This package includes 6 (30min) one-on-one sessions with Dean to learn direct techniques to

restore pain-free motions and activities ASAP. Scheduled at your convenience, Dean will walk you through how to get to relief by balancing out your bodies imbalances, which puts your body in an optimal condition for healing. We also give you access to our Silver Course indefinitely to have the exercises as needed (if package paid upfront). This package is by application only. NOT everyone qualifies. 

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