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GET RELIEF from the COMFORT of YOUR OWN HOME. When back pain or sciatica strikes, you don't want to move, let alone leave your house. Now, YOU DON'T HAVE TO! How would YOU like to save TIME, MONEY and get RELIEF at home?  Click "Inquire About a Video Consult" button below, and see now this NEW, SIMPLE method can work for YOU.

Check out These Video Consult Recipients:

                   Tina SUFFERED for 5 Years and then THIS!

Simon from England Gets Results!!

Brittany from California said:

"I had a video conference call with Dean last Friday. I was skeptical what I could possibly learn over a video conference that I had not already learned from my physical therapist or doctors. Well… I learned a lot! He stressed to me that focusing your energy on stretching and doing body movements on your good side will in turn help release tight muscles like your piraformis on your bad side. I had been experiencing sciatica for the last 1.5 years. He taught me a few very valuable stretches that have improved my sciatic pain by approximately 50% already. I plan to continue doing the stretches on a regular basis and I am finally feeling optimistic about getting rid of this sciatic pain for good. He provided me information that no other doctors or physical therapist had taught me. If you are living with sciatica on a regular basis I would highly recommend that you speak with Dean! "

A. Martin from Great Britain

"Your help and videos etc (over the past several weeks) has been more than what I've received from the NHS in the12 years I've been back in this country since leaving the Army. "

Kristin T. from Washington state

" Shout out to Dean-- I had a free video chat with him today. He showed me some amazing moves that took away my ongoing pain of 4yrs😲. I finally feel like I might be on the right track to helping my body work together instead of compensating for its self. Thank you Dean, you have changed my life in 30 min."

M. Rose from England

Hello guys, just wanted to give you an update! Just had my free video consultation with Dean and OMG what a difference. I started out walking with a frame on tip toe and only able to lift my left leg about 8 inches off the floor before pain. After doing some easy exercises on the non painful side and gentle twisting exercises I am more mobile and can walk gingerly WITHOUT my frame and full foot on the floor. Of course it's early days and although I want it all now I know I'm on the right path. Don't hesitate sign up for your free consult, you won't regret it!

We at Sciatica Relief Now are 100% committed to giving you your life back.

What WILL your life look like (in 2, 5 or 10 years) IF you DO NOT

get the relief YOU deserve?

What COULD it be like if 75% (or more) of your symptoms are alleviated?

What IF RELIEF was a few easy movements way? 

We are committed to helping YOU overcome your sciatica

and piriformis issues in a pain-free way.

IF you are TIRED of the sleepless nights, painful days and avoiding the things YOU love to do -- YOU are in the right place! Are you missing out on family events or hanging out with friends? Are you missing work? Missing work-outs? Golfing? Tennis? Ladies night out? How about the simple things we all take for granted like standing up from a chair?  Rolling over in bed? Simply sitting in a chair? Preparing a meal? Brushing your teeth? SO many of you have been suffering for WAY TOO LONG!

Typically, when someone has back pain, they go to an "office" to get better. They see a doctor or physical therapist or chiropractor. But, now, there’s a faster and better way to ease your back pain... And, it can be done from the comfort of your home, or office. I know it SOUNDS CRAZY-- but, it IS working! (See videos in "Client Stories" on the next page). SO, how would YOU like to save TIME, MONEY and get RELIEF in your own home??  Click the "Inquire about a Free Video Consult" button below, fill out the form to see if this NEW, CONVENIENT treatment is right for you.

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